My husband and I have done three seasons of CSA with Taproot, and we could not be happier!  We eat so many more veggies now than we ever would have without it!  What I love the most is that I know who grows and harvests our food, and how they grow it. You can’t go wrong with this CSA!!!!

Kathy, Member since 2013


My favorites are the spicy greens and the wonderful swiss chard. This pristinely grown veggie goodness lasts 5 times as long in my fridge as something bought at a supermarket!

Ellen, Farmers Market Customer


The veggies, fruit, cheese, bread, eggs, and mushrooms I receive each week through my farm share are insanely delicious and very affordable. I would much rather spend my money supporting a local family owned farm, with farmers who are passionate about organic farming practices, than spend it in a national chain store. I know I can trust Taproot Farm. #GrabYourWallet

Ricki, Member since 2016


Taproot Farm vegetables are the freshest, and most delicious!!  I make a point EVERY Saturday to shop at their Farmer's Market stand.  I have a long background in working with farmers and setting up farmers markets, myself, and wouldn’t miss the opportunity to buy and eat what you grow.  It is simply the best!!

Nancy, Farmers Market Customer


In addition to year-round weekly boxes filled with the healthiest and most delicious sustainably raised and organic produce, I love being a member of a community of like-minded food lovers, champions of the planet and guardians of our children.

Gail, Member since 2015


Taproot farm is wonderful. George and Ola and the rest of the crew are incredibly friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. The food is consistently fresh and flavorful.

Jason, Member since 2013


We love Taproot Farm! They are the best CSA we have ever been a part of. You can see the hard work they put into the farm every time you open your share and stare in amazement at just how perfect every piece of produce is in the box. Taproot has helped us to eat healthier, try new veggies, and contribute to local farming, which is exactly what we want from our CSA.

David, Member since 2010